ORM – Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the process of managing what shows up when someone searches your name in the internet. The aim of Online reputation management* is to promote positive content to the top of search results. so that when someone else googles your name, all they will see is positive and relevant content about you.


The first step to overcoming any situation is to determine whether you have a problem and if so, how bad the problem is.so the first thing you need to do is to google and type your name into the search bar. Make sure that you sign out your google account. This is because google employs personalized and local searches when you are signed into your account. This means that google will give you results based on location and what they know about you through your account.so make sure you sign out before you search, inorder to get a real snapshot of how your results looks to other people who will search you.


The next step is to diagnose which google ranking category you are in. and what overall reputation you fall under. In order to make your online reputation management* successful you are advised to concentrate on the first page of the results. This is because many people don’t bother to go to the next page. You can use the first 10 search results to form their impression.


Once you know where you stand, the next step is to improve you search results. Fill your first page with as many positive results as possible. If there is no content on web about you have to build your online presence for google. And if you have negative content then you will have to bury it with positive content. you may also have specific content that you may want to push higher then you need to follow specific steps so that you can boost you content higher in google.


In conclusion in order to create a positive reputation online, spend time building it, work hard and always treat others well. To cut the long story short, apply discipline to your online presence.

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